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Tank of a Tape Player, Damp Valves and Amps!

So its been a while since we updated what has been going on, this is purely because we have been so busy!

Here are some of the highlights of the last few weeks:

ASC Cassette Deck Repair

The first interesting items we had in were a pair of ex BBC ASC Cassette decks. These machines are industry standard studio quality cassette tape players. They came into us because they had been distressed during a house move one had a record switch broken off, the other machine had had the phono sockets on the rear damaged. We fixed both problems on both machines. The customer was exceptionally happy to have his machines back and in working order.

ASC Cassette Player Repair

The Second interesting one, and perhaps a warning to all was a Laney PA amplifier that had been left out in a damp cold environment ( I believe it was the customers garage) and had then been bought back into a warm environment and used. Condensation had built up between the valve and the valve holder, when the amplifier was switched on the HT sparked across between the pins through the moisture causing the damage seen in the images below! Went with a bit of a bang, or so we were told.

Laney Amp Repair

Burnt Out Valve

If you do have any valve equipment that has been left in the cold, bring it in and give it plenty of time to warm up, allowing any moisture to evaporate before even plugging it in!

That’s it for this update… I will be writing about some more of the amplifiers and other equipment that we get in for repair soon!