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This is the brand new website for Hi-Fi Car Radio Repair In Worcester.

We are a long established business with a large customer base from all over the country, repairing and servicing all things electrical.

Of recent we have began to specialise more and more in servicing and repairing high end audio equipment, vintage amps, and band equipment.

Please take a look around our site, if you require information or a quotation then please visit the contact us page.

Thank you.


Rega P3-24 Turntable Record Deck

This Rega P3-24 Turntable came into us after the owner was having issues with the tone arm. After stripping it down and inspecting it we discovered that it had a break in the cable and a faulty cartridge. After rectifying the problems, giving it a service and testing the unit it is easy to see why these turntables are so highly regarded as they sound great.

We have lots of experience with all Hi-Fi equipment so if you have any problems with your setup give us a call today!

Vintage Vox AC30

We recently had in a lovely 1964/65 Vox AC30 in for a once over and a full service. This amp had not been used for over 30 years and needed some TLC to bring it back to life. This example is a non top-boost model and has had the chassis stamped ‘BASS’ which indicates that it was designed for Bass use. The amp required new valves in the pre-amp and output stage and several resistors and capacitors needed to be replaced as they had
changed value.

As you can see this amplifier is in really great condition. Contact us today if you need your vintage guitar amp servicing.

For Sale – Carlsbro Sidewinder all tube 60w Combo Guitar Amp

At Present we have this Rare Carlsbro Sidewinder Valve amp for sale. These amplifiers were built between 1987-88 with only around 200 being produced in total. Single 12 inch celestion speaker, 2x EL34 output valves, 2 x 12ax7 preamp valves. Requires foot switch to change channel, unfortunately there is not one with the amplifier but any jack foot switch will work. This Amplifier has the usual wear and tear for its age, a couple of missing knobs and the odd scuff.


  • Pull Bright
  • Pull Smooth
  • Pull More Drive
  • Pre Gain
  • Post Gain
  • Bass
  • Middle
  • Treble
  • Presence
  • Reverb
  • Gain (clean)
  • Volume


For Sale – Denom DN-D4500 CD/MP3 Mixer

Denom DN-D4500 £185

These units are in full working order however the play pause button if missing off one of the channels, however this has not affected the usability of the button. The Denon DND4500 CD player joins Denons rack mount family of CD/MP3 players intended for the mobile and club DJ who requires a simple workhorse with high reliability. The Denon DND4500 CD player offers many expanded features especially in the area of MP3. Key Adjust, Auto BPM Counter, MP3 Seamless Looping with B-Trim Edit, MP3 Hot Starts, MP3 File Search System, MP3 Frame Search, CUE Stutter and wider ±24/50/100% pitch ranges for audio CD’s are just a few of the enhancements.Whether you’re playing MP3s up to a high quality 320kbps or standard audio CD’s, the the Denon DND4500 offers you two seamless loops with live B-Trim editing for mixing perfection, two Hot starts for instantly starting from your predetermined point on a track, Cue stutter, Selectable pitch ranges from 4% to 100%, an adjustable Brake effect, and a superb Key Adjust feature, which keeps vocals and music sounding true even when you adjust the speed of the track. or audio CD’s are just some of the enhancements that have been introduced. For more information CLICK HERE. Bargain price at £185

Denom DN-D4500 For Sale


Attenuators – Prototype Demo & Name Contest

The Prototype Attenuator

Over the Christmas quiet period we have been busy working away at a new attenuator prototype for guitar amps with Valve output stages. This pictured item is by no means finished, but we were so pleased with the results of the testing that we thought we should share it with you. The retail item will obviously look a lot more “finished”.

Valve amplifiers sound at their best when the volume dial is turned right up so the valves are working hard, this gives the harmonic distortion that so many guitarists love valve amps for. Unfortunately in real life situations it is rarely possible to turn the amplifier up to higher volume levels without the following happening; your ears bleeding, plaster falling from the ceiling or the neighbours phoning the police!

It is not just large wattage amplifiers that are “too loud” either, even a 15watt amp in a small venue or studio environment will be too much for comfort.

Our attenuator unit will allow you to turn the volume dial right up and achieve valve harmonic distortion without having the physical output of the amplifier so loud it is deafening.

This is done by placing our attenuator unit between the speaker output on the amplifier and the speaker and attenuating the signal. This requires NO modification to the amplifier, and will have no negative effect on your amplifier. The only thing you may notice is you will get through valves a little faster, but only as fast as you would if you played with the amp flat out all the time.

At the moment this is just a prototype, but within the coming weeks there will be a retail version of this available.

There will be several models of the attenuator up for sale soon, in 4Ω, 8Ω and  16Ω configurations to match the impedance of your amplifier. The unit will feature two stages of attenuation altered by the switches on the face, the attenuator will require no batteries or power supply making it easy to use and reliable.

The Demo:

The video below is of the attenuator being tested and demonstrated by our very own fixmyamp resident guitarist –  Loz. This model is an 8Ω variant and is being used with a 40Watt Fender USA Blues Deluxe.

We have not adjusted the gain of the microphone at all throughout any of the recordings, the physical DB output level of the amplifier remained very similar throughout all demo’s.

The Competition:

Well up until now this unit has been known to us as FMA1, but we need a name for the final product. So we thought we would have a little bit of a competition.

Please post your name suggestions for the final product on our facebook wall or our Contact Us page, the best name will receive a Fixmyamp T shirt in a Large size. (We all know baggy T-shirts are cool)

VOX AC15 For Sale SOLD

Vox AC15 – For sale SOLD

Mid 1990’s Vox AC15 – Good overall condition, has been recently serviced.


  • 15 watts “class A” output power
  • Valves 5x ECC83, 2xEL84, 5Y3 Rectifier
  • Controls,
  • 1x Volume
  • 1x Treble
  • 1x Bass
  • 1x Master Volume
  • 1x Reverb Depth
  • 1x Tremolo Speed
  • 1x Tremolo Depth
  • 1×12” Celestion G12 Alnico “Vox Blue”
  • Size 23.375”W x 16” H x 10” D
  • Foot switch-able Reverb and tremolo (foot switch Included)


Contact us to enquire


Tank of a Tape Player, Damp Valves and Amps!

So its been a while since we updated what has been going on, this is purely because we have been so busy!

Here are some of the highlights of the last few weeks:

ASC Cassette Deck Repair

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When Should I Replace My Valves?!

ValveWe have often been asked by our customers when is the best time to change the valves in my amp?

The best way to answer this is to first look at the different types of valves.

Category 1. Pre-amp and Pre-Drive Valves.

These are the smaller valves in a guitar and or Hi-Fi amp, and are normally very reliable, the only time that they normally require replacement is when they become noisy or unstable. Therefore… If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

Category 2. Output Valves.

Output valves tend to work hard, and over a reasonable amount of time they tend to wear out, they need to be changed at regular intervals otherwise if they should fail they can cause damage.

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T Shirts Coming soon!

We are having some T-shirts printed! They will be printed onto good quality heavy weight Black Men’s shirts for now, but women’s shirts are to follow if there is interest!

The logo on the first batch will be as Follows:

Let us know what you think, and if you think you might want one, tell us on our  Facebook Wall!

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