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Vox AC30 Complete Rebuild

This Amplifier was bought to me looking like something made of sections of shelf, it had no skin and looked like it had been rescued from the Titanic. Luckily most of the electronics worked, there where a few faults here and there but nothing that could not be sorted with a bit of  investigation. The […]

Stage Safety

Recently we have seen a Peavey combo which had been gigged to within an inch of its life with a fault description of  ” I keep getting a shock when I touch a microphone” First we did a safety test which it failed , this was found to be that the mains lead earth connection […]


Welcome This is the brand new website for Hi-Fi Car Radio Repair In Worcester. We are a long established business with a large customer base from all over the country, repairing and servicing all things electrical. Of recent we have began to specialise more and more in servicing and repairing high end audio equipment, vintage […]