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Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 and Vestax DJ Mixer In For Repair

Vestax DJ Mixer RepairedThis first item we had through from our website this week was a Vestax DJ mixer, it was suffering from a bent selector switch, which was fairly straight farward to repair. It is  now repaired and will be making its way back to the customer shortly, we hope they are very pleased with it.

It was a busy week it seems for DJ equipment, as soon as the Mixer was fixed, the bell on the counter went and a gentleman with a Pioneer CDJ was waiting to be seen.

The CDJ was suffering from an array of problems, all stemming from the hard lifestyle that DJ equipment tends to endure.

Pioneer CDJ 1000 Repaired and servicedSeveral of the tactile switches were not operating through heavy use, there was liquid damage within the unit where a drink had been spilt inside it. Plenty of issues really, but we got it back on the road and the customer is very happy with the results.

Other interesting items we had in this week from the website was a lovely Vintage Roland Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier, from somewhere way back when.

The item had been sat unused for the last 10 – 15 years, and required a full service, all fairly straight forward, and the item is now back with its owner, who is very happy.

Roland Stereo Jazz Chorus 77 Serviced and Repaired