Services Offered

Watkins Copicat, Vocal PA, Guitar Amplifiers. Just a few from a very busy week!

Watkins Copicat, Wem Copicat echo unitThis week has been fairly busy, and we have had a couple of very interesting and unusual units, one of these being a Watkins ( Wem) Copicat. This unit is used for vocal PA applications to give echo to voice, and also used for guitar. Its basically an analogue echo effects unit from the 60’s 70’s. From the picture ( right) you can see that there are 6 heads, from left to right the first head after the roller is the record head which records the input from the mic or guitar, to the tape. The next four heads are playback heads and are used to give varying amounts of delay. The last head in the chain is the erase head which removes all data from the tape. This one has been bought into us for a full service, to ensure it stays usable and reliable.

Ampeg Ap-3550, bass amplifer Line 6 Bass podThe second nice unit we had in was an Ampeg AP3550 which is a Bass slave amplifier. Its been coupled with a line 67 bass pod ( also very nice) . It has come into us requiring some serious work on its pre-drive circuitry. The fault condition when the item came into us was ” no sound”. It is now fixed and waiting to go back to its owner.

We also had a little but powerful Roland cube 50 guitar amplifier bought in, this was an item which was bought in by a customer with a loud hum a very loud one at that. If you ever get a loud hum from your amplifier, DO NOT switch it on, a loud hum tends to be the sound of the speaker being cooked. The fault was down to the main output IC being short circuit, and putting 48V across the speaker. Not good. Its now fixed though, and back with the customer.

Roland Cube 50 Guitar Amplifier