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Valve Ampathon – Marshall – Sound City – Fender – Selmer

This week it seems everything that came through the doors, had a valve of some sort in it. This is not a bad thing, as we really do enjoy working on Valve units.

Marshall JCM 2000 Valve Amplifier RepairedThe first item through the doors was a Marshall JCM 2000, this amplifier was bought to us because the re-verb was not working. To fix the issue we refurbished the re-verb tank, we also carried out a max power test after re biasing the output valves.the unit is now back with the customer who is very happy with the results.

The second item in this week was a vintage Selmer treble ‘n’ bass 50watt. This was in need of a general checkout and service, and as ever we performed a full safety check Selmer Trebble 'n' Bass vintage valve amplifieron the unit to ensure it was up to standard. This is one of the nicest clean sounding valve amplifiers that we have heard in a long time. In our opinion will more than likely stand up to a Fender twin re-verb with regards to sound quality. We were so impressed with this amp, that we took a few photographs of its internals which are all original, and for the age of the amp this is unusual. The internal images can be seen below in the gallery.

Fender DeVille Valve Amplifier RepairThe third item was a Fender DeVille, this is a lovely valve amplifier, which was bought to us because it had no sound, the HT supply had failed, we tracked this fault down to the output valves, which were replaced, setup and max power tested. This is a good reason to have your Valves checked frequently, as they can cause damage to the rest of the amplifier.

The Fourth and final valve amplifier we had in this wee was Sound City 100 Valve Amplifier Repaira Sound City 100 watt all valve classic powerhouse from the seventies. We were asked by the customer to check out the electrics and service the unit. We found that a new mains lead was required as the old one had frayed and was a potential hazard.What a lovely amplifier, and a powerful one at that too. Pretty much all original internally, well apart from the mains lead. You can see internals of this amplifier in the gallery