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For Sale – Denom DN-D4500 CD/MP3 Mixer

Denom DN-D4500 £185

These units are in full working order however the play pause button if missing off one of the channels, however this has not affected the usability of the button. The Denon DND4500 CD player joins Denons rack mount family of CD/MP3 players intended for the mobile and club DJ who requires a simple workhorse with high reliability. The Denon DND4500 CD player offers many expanded features especially in the area of MP3. Key Adjust, Auto BPM Counter, MP3 Seamless Looping with B-Trim Edit, MP3 Hot Starts, MP3 File Search System, MP3 Frame Search, CUE Stutter and wider ±24/50/100% pitch ranges for audio CD’s are just a few of the enhancements.Whether you’re playing MP3s up to a high quality 320kbps or standard audio CD’s, the the Denon DND4500 offers you two seamless loops with live B-Trim editing for mixing perfection, two Hot starts for instantly starting from your predetermined point on a track, Cue stutter, Selectable pitch ranges from 4% to 100%, an adjustable Brake effect, and a superb Key Adjust feature, which keeps vocals and music sounding true even when you adjust the speed of the track. or audio CD’s are just some of the enhancements that have been introduced. For more information CLICK HERE. Bargain price at £185

Denom DN-D4500 For Sale