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When Should I Replace My Valves?!

We have often been asked by our customers when is the best time to change the valves in my amp? The best way to answer this is to first look at the different types of valves. Category 1. Pre-amp and Pre-Drive Valves. These are the smaller valves in a guitar and or Hi-Fi amp, and […]

Speaker Specification Guide Part 3 – RMS

RMS explained What is RMS? RMS is an abbreviation of the term “Root Mean Square”. When you purchase speakers they will come with a rating. Good quality speakers always come with an RMS rating, this is the the power capability of the speaker before distortion occurs. Beware of some cheaper speakers which say they are […]

Speaker Specification Guide Part 2 – The Basics

This is the first real section of our Speaker Specification Guide. Covering the main components of a speaker, and the general basics of how the speakers work. Within this guide when we refer to speakers we are generally referring to actual speakers as opposed to a cabinet of speakers, but the principles are the same.

Speaker Specification Guide Part 1 – Overview

Lets face it choosing the correct speakers for your set-up can be a real nightmare, there are many factors to take into consideration including Wattage and impedance.  Weather it be a small power hifi system, or a 3000watt PA system, the rules are the same. So to make this decision easier to understand there are […]