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When Should I Replace My Valves?!

We have often been asked by our customers when is the best time to change the valves in my amp? The best way to answer this is to first look at the different types of valves. Category 1. Pre-amp and Pre-Drive Valves. These are the smaller valves in a guitar and or Hi-Fi amp, and […]

Watkins Copicat, Vocal PA, Guitar Amplifiers. Just a few from a very busy week!

This week has been fairly busy, and we have had a couple of very interesting and unusual units, one of these being a Watkins ( Wem) Copicat. This unit is used for vocal PA applications to give echo to voice, and also used for guitar. Its basically an analogue echo effects unit from the 60’s […]

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 and Vestax DJ Mixer In For Repair

This first item we had through from our website this week was a Vestax DJ mixer, it was suffering from a bent selector switch, which was fairly straight farward to repair. It isĀ  now repaired and will be making its way back to the customer shortly, we hope they are very pleased with it. It […]