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Attenuators – Prototype Demo & Name Contest

The Prototype Attenuator Over the Christmas quiet period we have been busy working away at a new attenuator prototype for guitar amps with Valve output stages. This pictured item is by no means finished, but we were so pleased with the results of the testing that we thought we should share it with you. The […]

When Should I Replace My Valves?!

We have often been asked by our customers when is the best time to change the valves in my amp? The best way to answer this is to first look at the different types of valves. Category 1. Pre-amp and Pre-Drive Valves. These are the smaller valves in a guitar and or Hi-Fi amp, and […]

Valve Ampathon – Marshall – Sound City – Fender – Selmer

This week it seems everything that came through the doors, had a valve of some sort in it. This is not a bad thing, as we really do enjoy working on Valve units. The first item through the doors was a Marshall JCM 2000, this amplifier was bought to us because the re-verb was not […]

Vox AC30 Complete Rebuild

This Amplifier was bought to me looking like something made of sections of shelf, it had no skin and looked like it had been rescued from the Titanic. Luckily most of the electronics worked, there where a few faults here and there but nothing that could not be sorted with a bit of  investigation. The […]