Services Offered

TurnTable and Mixer Repair

We repair and service turntables from a variety of manufacturers and of a variety of specifications.

Weather you have a Hi-Fi turntable from the likes of  B&O or a DJ type turntable from Techniques or Stanton we can service it, or repair it.

Common faults that we see on the hi-fi belt driven record players include

  • Slipping Belts
  • jammed  /  Sticking tone arms
  • Faulty styluses
  • Static hum

All of these can be fixed.

Faulty Record Players Repaired

DJ type turntables tend to have more faults caused by the harder lifestyle they tend to incur. Drinks often get pored into them, and tone arms get bent, cables get ripped out of the back of the units. Again this is all things we can fix!

Common Faults that we find on DJ style Turntables include:

  • Incorrect Pitch Adjustment
  • Faulty pitch sliders
  • Deviation In platter speed
  • Completely dead and full of beer!