Services Offered

Valve and Vintage Amp Repair Services

We have been repairing and servicing vintage and valve amplifiers for many years, with experience of items from manufacturers such as:

  • Marshall
  • Vox
  • Fender
  • Mesa Boogie
  • Peavey

Over the years we  have gained a wealth of knowledge about both new & vintage models of  including  classics such as the British Vox AC30 & Marshalls JCM2000, American Fender Twin Reverb & Peavey Artist Series.

As with all types of equipment from time to time items may fail & require attention ,we understand that if you earn your living on stage that an amp failure can cause you major problems, so we try (where possible) to service and repair your equipment as soon as possible. We also understand that these items are often of great importance to their owners and rare, which is again all the more reason to bring the item to a specialist such as ourselves.

Another service we offer is replacement valve installation and setup.

VOX AC30 Vintage Valve Guitar Amp Fully Rebuilt And Serviced by Fixmyamp