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Yamahaa 01X Digital Mixer & Bose Speakers repaired after having a smashing time..

Yamaha Mixer Repaired and as good as newThis week It seems everything that comes in has been damaged through impact one way or another, the first thing to come in was a lovely Yamaha 01x digital mixer, as I’m a service centre for Yamaha I tend to get a lot of their items in.

This one was a little different though as it was not down to a fault, as much as a bit of an accident. The Input gain control channel 1 had been snapped off, along with channel 1 fader which had been bent. This had happened during a studio accident… I asked no more questions…

Yamaha Studio Mixer RepairedIt was a fairly straight forward fix, that cost a lot less for the customer than a new unit would have cost. I managed to get the item fixed using a new control, spacer collar and nob where fitted to the gain section, the bent shaft on the fader simply needed straightening.

The second “Accident” that came in was a lovely old Bose speaker cabinet from 1976 which had been knocked over at a school function ( I bet someone got a detention for this) 5 of the eight speakers in the cabinet had been smashed Bose Speaker Cabinet Repaired.beyond recognition. This should be ready for the customer within a week to ten days.

So my top tip this week, don’t knock things over and just be a little more gentle with your audio gear.

But if accidents do happen, bring it to us and we will do our best to fix it.

Damaged Bose Speaker Repairs

Damaged Bose Speaker Fixed by Us