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Speaker Specification Guide Part 1 – Overview

Speaker Specification GuideLets face it choosing the correct speakers for your set-up can be a real nightmare, there are many factors to take into consideration including Wattage and impedance.  Weather it be a small power hifi system, or a 3000watt PA system, the rules are the same. So to make this decision easier to understand there are a few very simple guidelines to follow.

This guide will cover everything from the very basics, progressing through to choosing the correct speaker for your system, and making speakers you already have work with a new amplifier.

The content will focus on the following topics, and be broken down into questions that we are frequently asked over the counter at our workshop in Worcester.

  1. Speaker Specification Guide – This Page
  2. Speaker Construction
  3. RMS
  4. Impedance – Not yet Published
  5. When it all Goes wrong -Not yet published

Should you have any more questions once you have read through these pages, please feel free to contact us and ask, or to post on the articles themselves and ask. We will be only too happy to help!