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Vox AC30 Complete Rebuild

This Amplifier was bought to me looking like something made of sections of shelf, it had no skin and looked like it had been rescued from the Titanic.

Luckily most of the electronics worked, there where a few faults here and there but nothing that could not be sorted with a bit of  investigation.

The customer who bought it to us had owned it for 15 years, and for the last 5 of those years it had sat unused and faulty, he had taken it to another “Amplifier Specialist” in the past who could not track some of the faults, and so for this reason it had been left in the state it was in when it was delivered to us for nearly 5 years!

After a bit of time this is what we returned it to:

This amplifier really was a pleasure to work on and we really cannot wait till the next one comes in!